Welcome To PhysioHealDr. Grishma’s Physiotherapy Clinic!

A Trusted Physiotherapy Professional to Take Care of you

PhysioHeal is a physiotherapy and geriatric wellness center located on Sarjapur Road, Bengaluru that offers a vast variety of treatments to assess you with any problem that may come your way. Dr. Grishma Desai (PT) is a renowned and experienced physical therapist with vast experience in different type of orthopedic , neurological and sports condition. We provide consultation, treatment and services for orthopedicpost surgical geriatrics and neurological patients. We also provide pain relief and physical therapy for patients suffering with neuro-musculoskeletal problemsergonomics and occupation related problems.

Our Facility : 



2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Excellent place for a great treatment. Dr.Grishma is very dedicated and caring. The Physiotherapy treatment she has given for the Frozen Shoulder is very effective.

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